Blue70 Racing

Hard choppy swim

After two weeks holiday, swimming 5km daily, I felt strong going into this race but knew it would be a straight sprint with no time to settle in. Plan was to go hard to the first bouy and hang on to who ever was out in front. I got round the bouy first, which was nice to have clear water, but then it was straight into the chop. One of the young guns flew right past me, that pace was to fast for me, I got into my on pace and concentrated on getting my breathing settled. Half way through another young guy started to overtake me so I got onto his wake best I could, with the chop pushing me into his legs and getting kicked in the head a few times, thats part of racing so I wasnt to worried. We caught up to the race leader and round the last can we were lined up shoulder to shoulder. I started to prepare myself for a sprint finish, taking on some extra air. They kept looking for the finish line which slowed then down by half a body length, I trusted my line, kept my head down and got ahead. With a sniff of winning I got my legs out of the water earlier then them and sprinted across the line for the course record time. The young guy who finished just behind me fell to his knees and gave up his breakfast, a good hard race!

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