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Resolution Relay: BYOB (bring your own baton)

Resolution Relay is a half mile race that can be run individually or as a 2, 3, or 4-person team. My running group - Eastwind Running and Endurance - hosts this event and the money raised goes toward two college scholarships ($2500 and $2000) each year for local high school students. The winners do not have to be athletes, but they submit an essay on the importance of physical fitness and how they incorporate it into their busy lives.

I ran on 4-person teams the first 2 years, but ran on a 2-person (all female) team last year and this year and with the same teammate. We easily won last year when there were only two 2-person, all-female teams. This year, there were 9 all-female teams, and 7 mixed teams (but no all-male teams), and both of us were coming off injuries. I still have tender ribs from a fall last month and Katherine has a high hamstring injury. 

Our legs were 7.4 miles (moslty downhill - 270' eleveation loss) and 5.7 miles (mostly uphill). Last year, I was the 2nd runner; this year, I started since Katherine felt the downhill would not suit her hamstring injury. My VDOTO2 predicted finish was 58:00 (7:50 pace). I wasn't sure I'd hit that, but felt it wasn't impossible, I just needed to be okay with running outside any comfort zone. I finsihed at 57:40 (7:48 pace)! Woo Hoo! Sooo happy :) And we finished first again - and 3rd of all 2-person teams!

In the photo, we are holding the first-place awards - drink cups that are similar to hydroflasks. Katherine is on the left. Unfortunatley, we didn't get any race photos.

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