Blue70 Racing

Emily Collier

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Cycling / Criterium, Open Water Swimming, Road Running
Bucket List RaceNubble Light Challenge, Boston Marathon
Post-Race DrinkAthletic IPA
Off-Day ActivityArts and crafts with my kids

I am an "adult onset" athlete - picked up running, followed by biking, and then swimming all in my 20s. Discovered triathlons through a somewhat dare by my brother in law, and love the cross training and challenge. I also LOVE Zwift, where I ride and race under the name Emily van der Chat. I think it's incredibly important that women of all ages and stages model athleticism for their own personal reasons rather than to fit any sort of image or persona. In addition to being active, I'm a mom to two kids ages 7 and 4, a wife to an arts administrator, a Partner at a boutique marketing consulting firm, a baseball and pro cycling fan, and a former classically trained musician.