Blueseventy Racing

Santana Silver

Boston, Massachusetts

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Running, Duathlon
Bucket List RaceEscape from Alcatraz Triathlon; Triathlon World Championship
Post-Race DrinkFlume BASK: Recovery Botanicals
Off-Day ActivityYoga, hiking, skiing, slacklining, picnicking, hammocking

A public health professional, outdoor enthusiast, and avid athlete, I wear many hats but am deeply passionate about each facet that fills my life with meaning and joy. The same factors that initially inspired me to enter triathlon last year continue to motivate my involvement and desire to join the Blueseventy Team: (1) my love for being active outdoors, especially running and cycling; and (2) my eagerness to connect with communities of likeminded people.

Growing up in the Colorado mountains and on Hawaiian beaches, I cultivated a synergistic gravitation towards nature and athleticism early on. This appreciation has only grown stronger over my life, immediately transporting me to my most blissful and meditative state whenever I’m training or racing. Beyond integrating my love for sports and nature, triathlon also provided a platform to join a culture that represents values important to me, especially a strong passion for leading an active and healthy life, resilience in the face of adversity, and dedication to community. After moving to Boston to attend graduate school for public health and missing my friends and family on the west coast and Hawaii, I hoped to find camaraderie among local triathletes.

Though I was never expecting to compete at an elite level, my intense passions for the sport and its community have fueled my performance and motivated me to rise above challenges that got in my way. Almost two years ago, I was diagnosed with severe celiac disease and iron-deficiency anemia, placing me in the ER in critical condition and nearly killing me. Since then, I have managed to heal my gut and control my anemia through strict nutrition protocols, iron infusions, and careful monitoring. Despite the difficult and frustrating journey celiac disease has taken me on, my newfound love for triathlon has been an especially important motivator to regain optimal health and simultaneous reminder to honor the limits of my body. Having enjoyed every aspect of my journey in triathlon so far, I can't wait to see what's in store for 2023!