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10/01/2022 IRONMAN 70.3 Memphis

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06/18/2022 Life Time LEADVILLE HEAVY HALF
01/16/2022 Houston Half Marathon
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Scott Herbel

Spring, Texas

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Masters Swimming, Road Running
Bucket List RaceI would like a half IM at a cool beach town.
Post-Race DrinkWhatever is free.
Off-Day ActivityGolf and Rye

I am a 6'3" 240lb Clyde of a triathlete. Father of 4 daughters, so i have almost zero free time. In the time I do have, I like to try and train and get a little better every day. As for the day job, I sell computer parts, so that part is not so sexy. But when you get all this mass moving on a bike, watch out. It is awfully... well, also not sexy. I will let that other dude be big sexy racing. I pride myself on having some nice conversations on the run in longer course triathlons. It is tougher to do that on the bike, given all the rules. Either way, my daughters are also all year round swimmers and waaaaaaaay faster than i am in the water. So, that is about it.