Blueseventy Racing

Jeremy Call

Covington , Louisiana

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Masters Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Road Running
Bucket List RaceIronman Alaska
Post-Race DrinkAbita Amber or Purple Haze (keeping it New Orleans local)
Off-Day ActivityRiding bikes with my daughters

Father of four small girls, who happily take a lot of my time. However, my sanity, or peace of mind, is swimming. I swim regularly and have since 7. I picked up running in high school, and my lung capacity kept me competitive. This has recently (past five years) evolved into triathlons, which I do routinely, outside of lawyering and raising beautiful baby girls. We read a lot, EB White, CS Lewis, and Roald Dahl. However, we keep our kids active, too. Healthy bodies, healthy minds. Also, I believe my children must see me passionate about something, so they can see what working hard, training, time commitment, and sometimes success looks like. This is why I continue to push for runs, swims, and less occasionally rides.

Side note: I recognize I don’t have much of a social media presence. However, it’s tjere, and my wife can assist where I’m otherwise a novice.