Blue70 Racing

Paulette KIrby

Rapid City, South Dakota

Primary Discipline(s) Mountain Biking, Masters Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Trail Running, Adventure Racing, SUP, Kayaking / Canoe Marathon, Hiking, Other
Bucket List RaceSwimruns ! Transpyreneas 2023, Norway (Rockman)2024; moutnain/Snowbike events, planning

My lifetime has included adventures, expeditions, multiple disciplines, sports and events. I swim, kayak, run, bike, trek, fastpack. I have traveled many places in the US and internationally. I have always had a love of the water with swimming, flat and whitewater kayaking, and playboating. I swam or immersed year round 2021-2022. I plan to continue this year round OWS swimming and master's swimming of course !
I may participate in adventure races this year. I am most interested in SwimRun events after participaipating in ORCAs SwimRun. I will be out frequently to prepare for Transpyreneas 2023, multple bike events including snowbikiing beginning Dec2021 and bikepacking trips.