Blueseventy Racing

Past Races

06/11/2023 The Great Chesapeake Bay Swim 38
10/09/2022 Round the Sound Bermuda 10k
10/09/2022 Round the Sound Bermuda 10k
08/13/2022 NEK Swim Week: Lake Willoughby 5 mile 1 (Wetsuits)
06/12/2022 Great Chesapeake Bay Swim 4.4 48
10/11/2020 Round The Sound

Oliver Abbott


Primary Discipline(s) Masters Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Skiing
Post-Race DrinkMargarita
Off-Day ActivityJogging, Golfing, Skiing

I'm an avid swimmer, both in the pool and open water. I love both. I do at least three open water events every summer and am looking forward to the return of indoor pool meets in the cooler months. Outside of swimming I love skiing both on my own and with my young kids.