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Past Races

02/26/2022 Novant Health Wilmington NC Marathon

Kim Siebold

High Point, North Carolina |

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Open Water Swimming
Bucket List RaceKona
Post-Race DrinkLocal beer!
Off-Day ActivityIllustration, design, walking

I’ve been racing since 1991 after a swimmer friend suggested doing a triathlon. My life was swimming as all my friends were swimmers, I was a swim teacher and lifeguard from high school through college (although I was never a competitive swimmer myself). Then my husband and I had our daughters who both became competitive swimmers, the younger one at the age of 4. Swimming became our life! It was the best sport and shaped not only our daughters' lives but ours as well. I have done 5x-140.6 /17x-70.3 / 3x-26.2 /14x-13.1 I am self coached, love the sport and am a conservative racer who wants to excel and improve but also don’t want pain (ha). I enjoy pushing my body but also treating it well with balance. I would love swim coaching as for the amount of swimming I have done over the years, I have improved with the effort level and am a much smarter swimmer but not fast. I know I have more in me! I love your brand and have used and purchased your brand over the years. I’ve been around for along time In the racing world and your brand is definitely a staple in the tri world!