Blue70 Racing

Brittany Finlay

Columbia , Tennessee

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Mountain Biking, Gravel Cycling, Open Water Swimming, Road Running, Trail Running, Obstacle Racing, Adventure Racing, Cyclocross, Duathlon, SUP, Kayaking / Canoe Marathon, Snowboarding, Hiking, Yoga, Climbing
Post-Race DrinkOsmo recovery followed by a celebration beer.
Off-Day ActivityAdventures with pups.

10yr veteran vet tech, and dog mom to 4 perfect Boxers and a (terror) Boston. When my husband deployed, I used athletics as an outlet. I started endurance running, then wondered. . I wonder if I could…. So I signed up for my first Tri - Augusta 70.3. This is when I purchased a bike, to be honest it had been approximately 24 years since I had been on a bicycle. I took my gracious falls teaching myself to clip in. I completed Augusta this year as my first ever triathlon. And I’m hooked. I’m watching a couple races next year, but with my husband being active duty military I’m waiting to see if we will be moving that weekend (the military is a fascinating beast - he’s going to a class right before, a class which throws red flags to moving). I plan on Alaska 2023, and possibly IMMD! I’m working slowly getting my husband into the sport!