Blue70 Racing

Ellen Drake

Chicago, Illinois

Primary Discipline(s) Masters Swimming, Open Water Swimming
Bucket List RaceAny/all of the triple crown swims (Catalina Island Swim, Around Manhattan, English Channel)
Post-Race DrinkWater, premier protein, gatorade - favorite food is ice cream though
Off-Day ActivityKnitting

I'm currently a graduate student at the University of Illinois Chicago pursuing a MD and PhD in immunology through a combined degree program. I was a distance swimmer in high school and college (Oberlin College, D3). I had long been interested in open water swimming and got to spend a summer in college swimming out at Brighton Beach in NYC while I was there for an internship. I lived in Miami Beach for a year after college, where I got to fully commit to open water swimming and completed my first 10k race in 2017. I now live in Chicago and train with Chicago masters when Lake Michigan is too rough and/or cold. Currently my grad student budget precludes some larger swims, but I have been able to swim in the Big Shoulders 5K 2019, 2021. I participated in a Catalina Island crossing relay in 2019, and most recently completed the Swim to the Moon 10k in 2021. I'm really hoping to do something longer than 10k next year.