Blue70 Racing

Jim Hart

Reno, Nevada

Primary Discipline(s) Masters Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Skiing
Post-Race DrinkWater
Off-Day ActivityHiking, gardening hanging out by my pool

I’m a 62 year old father of 4 I’m a pipeline engineering consultant with a PhD in civil engineering and an avid outdoorsman and skier and an experienced open water swimmer and masters swimmer. I’m a former bodybuilder and marathon (PR 2:56) and ultramarathon runner. I’ve competed in the Donner lake open water swim 26 times. I normally do between 50 and 150 open water swims every summer in Lake Tahoe. What’s unique about my swimming is that I tow a GPS in a dry bag buoy and trace out elaborate drawing tracks that I call “swim art”. This is extremely unique and there’s not many people in the world doing this while swimming - I feel like I’m the worlds best GPS swim artist. Please check out some of my work on Instagram @jimmerhart or #tahoeswimmingart. For the record I’ve never worn a wetsuit till summer 2021 based on my cardiologist’s recommendation (Tahoe is pretty cold!)