Blue70 Racing

Past Races

08/07/2021 Across the Lake Rattlesnake Island
08/07/2021 Across the Lake Rattlesnake Island
07/17/2021 Across the Lake Kelowna
07/01/2021 VOWSA Canada Day Challenge
08/10/2019 Skaha Lake Ultra Swim 25

Kimiko Hirakida

Surrey, Canada

Primary Discipline(s) Open Water Swimming
Post-Race DrinkJamieson Mule!
Off-Day Activityweight lifting

I have been in the water all my life. I've been a Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor for 20 years. About 6 years ago I took up open water swim races and fell in love with the sport. Feeling my hand slice through cold lake water, breathing in fresh air means everything for me. Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment when you cross a finish line!
When I'm not swimming, I'm teaching Water Safety all over Canada!