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06/03/2021 Around Coronado Island - Marathon Swim

MarySue Balazic

Lake Stevens, Washington

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Masters Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Yoga
Bucket List RaceCatalina Channel solo crossing
Post-Race DrinkNuun
Off-Day ActivityAdventure swimming

I am a mom of three grown men, a wife of thirty six years, I have worked in Law Enforcement Communications for 22 years. These are things that I am very proud of but recently I have discovered something about myself that I never knew. I am a BAD ASS COLD WATER SWIMMER! I came to swimming a few years ago after a total knee replacement and thought doing the Alcatraz swim would be a great first event...... Well, somehow finished, it was horrible! Somehow though I fell in love with swimming because of it. I joined a Masters team and started putting in the work. I had some age group success in pool meets and local open water events but December of 2018 is when life started changing. I did my first skin swim in the Puget Sound and from that day forward I was hooked on cold water swimming. I have found the most amazing, encouraging, courageous, strong, accomplished, inspiring, and crazy community of swimmers. I have discovered a passion unlike anything I have ever experienced. I swim nearly every day and have had the honor of introducing several people to this sport. Five years ago I never in the furthest reaches of my mind thought I would be training for a Marathon Swim or a Channel crossing but here I am. I am obsessed with Marathon Swimming!

The pure joy and sense of community that I have found in open water swimming is something I want to share. This is what it looks like to be living my best life!