Blueseventy Racing

Erika Weiss

Redondo Beach, California

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Open Water Swimming, Hiking, Yoga
Bucket List RaceSharkfest Alcatraz Open Water Swim
Post-Race DrinkCoconut water
Off-Day ActivityHiking, hanging out at the beach, cooking

Having grown up in Boulder, Colorado, I couldn't help but become an athlete (it was in my DNA). I started early as a downhill ski racer, runner, swimmer and cyclist. While I loved all of these sports, cycling was the one that stuck. I was an elite road and track cyclist throughout high school and college, winning numerous Colorado State Track Champion titles, as well as a National Championship as part of the University of Colorado cycling team. After having competed in cycling for over 12 years, I looked to broaden my athletic horizons and turned to triathlons, which tripled my excitement about training and competing.
Fast forward 20 years, and as a mom to two wonderful daughters and a full-time job as a marketing executive, time to train and compete in triathlons became scarce. But, with athletic blood coursing through my body, I needed to find a new endeavor to feed my athletic appetite. That's when I discovered open water swimming, my latest and greatest passion.
I've been training for and competing in open water swim races throughout Southern California for the past three years as part of the One With the Ocean open water group in Redondo Beach, California. Meeting my friends for training swims in the Pacific has become like food for my soul, and I look forward to it every week. Even more exciting for me is the fact that my oldest daughter is starting to follow in my footsteps as a member of a local club swim team. Nothing is more gratifying than seeing her and her friends discover the magic of swimming and competing in the open water. Last summer she and a good friend of hers competed in their first open water swim race with me, and I can't wait to get the girls back into more races again next summer.