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01/08/2023 Dopey Challenge Marathon
01/07/2023 Dopey Challenge Half Marathon
01/06/2023 Dopey Challenge 10k
01/05/2023 Disney Marathon Weekend
11/04/2022 Disney Wine and Dine 5k
10/22/2022 Lucky's Lake Frogman Night OPs 5K swim
10/08/2022 Kona IM WC
10/06/2022 Ironman World Championship
08/21/2022 Leading Ladies Half Marathon 10
11/06/2021 Lucky's Lake Frogman Night Ops Swim
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Laura Frye


Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Masters Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Road Running, Trail Running, Aquabike, Skiing
Bucket List RaceIronman 70.3 World Championship Taupo, New Zealand
Post-Race Drinkchocolate milk
Off-Day Activityyoga

I am a physician who started racing triathlons and doing Masters swimming back in the 1980's. I had been athletic all through high school. I stopped racing when my cycling coach was killed in a MVA in 1994. I continued to swim and run, but my heart just wasn't in the cycling part. I have worked medical for Ironman World Championship since 2011. I returned to racing when I was selected for the medical slot for the 2018 Ironman World Championship. During the pandemic I kept active with races being canceled I have been able to keep busy with the Global Swim Series just doing the 1K swims and will start adding the 3800m swim in the next couple of weeks as there is more time in the pool. I have been an ambassador for HeRevolution this past year and for InknBurn in the past. I am active with my Masters team as well as my running group here in Dallas. I also work medical as well as run many of the races at Disney World and I am a Perfect Dopey, I have competed in all of the Dopey Challenge races since it started as well as working medical for these races. I am known for being the one at the races that will bring in those last runners, my driver always warns the nurses that work with me to be prepared to walk/run as I am going to make sure the athletes make it in. I am excited to get back to volunteering this year at Kona. This past 2 years have been rough getting back into racing as I see patients and I often have to cancel my races due to being exposed to Covid. Being on the team has at least kept me motivated.