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Past Races

10/15/2022 Ironman 70.3 North Carolina

Andrew Paul

Hampstead, North Carolina

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Cycling / Criterium, Open Water Swimming, Road Running
Bucket List RaceComplete an Ironman.
Post-Race DrinkHammer recoverite and skratch drinks
Off-Day ActivityChurch and spend time family and freinds

I am active duty military and have been for the past 12 years. I have always loved to run, because it has been sort of my requirements for my job. I injured myself a few months ago and started to look for cross training exercises that both strengthen and reduced load on my injured area (hamstring). I found it in riding a bike. I enjoyed ride so much I wanted to incorporate it more than running. Then one day it hit me, why not swim, bike and run; and complete a triathlon. The rest is history. I have been training for the half Ironman 70.3 in Tempe, AZ that I signed up for on 18 October 2020. I was introduced to your brand wetsuit through a tri show (moxie sports) in Scottsdale, AZ. The suit fit me tall and lanky dimensions perfectly (6’6 / 210 frame). It is a reaction full suit XL. I recently picked up your buoyancy shorts for the pool. They are awesome, but short in the waistline.

I am a beginner and have my first race in Oct 2020. My time is very limited because of my job, training (work/pleasure), and family time. I have swam once in open water (Lake) with the suit. I prefer to swim open. Being land locked and limited with shire time/distance to a large body of water or river, I am forced to swim laps in a pool.

Hope this helps is you better understand me and my interests.