Blueseventy Racing

Past Races

11/05/2022 IRONMAN Florida
08/07/2022 Ironman Alaska
10/24/2021 IRONMAN California
11/05/2011 IRONMAN Florida

Brian McGuire

JUNEAU, Alaska

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Mountain Biking, Masters Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Road Running, Trail Running, Adventure Racing, Skiing, Hiking
Bucket List RaceIronman World Championship, Le Grizz, Leadville 100, Change Your Latitude, Trans North Georgia bike
Post-Race Drinka few select Session IPA's!
Off-Day ActivityHiking, bike ride with kids, open water swimming with the kids

I am a Georgia boy living in and loving Alaska, especially the open water swimming. I am a sustainability-focused engineer, father of 4 and husband of 12 years. Running is my original endurance passion along with mountain biking but has led me to triathlon and an unexpected love of open water swimming!! I first started open water ocean swimming in Florida and have rekindled it now that I am here in Southeast Alaska in both the ocean and a local lake (the water here is a bit colder!). We have moved around in the last few years so my racing had taken a break of sorts but once we settled in here, I reengaged my tri coach and signed up for Ironman Canada 2020 (switched to IM California after it was cancelled twice – then IM Cali was cancelled so I deferred to IM Florida 2022) and joined a Masters Swimming program, while continuing to run and bike here locally. I also couldn’t resist signing up for IM Alaska 2022 and that turned out to be an awesome event! I took up some winter sports like cross-country skiing to complement my winter training in 2021/2022 before the final 6-month push to IM Alaska. I look forward to pushing myself in the lake this year to prep for Change Your Latitude 2023. I am super-psyched about competing this winter at IM Florida and then focusing on a longer open water swim here in Alaska at Change Your Latitude 2023.