Blue70 Racing

keir beadling

San Francisco, California | and

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Cycling / Criterium, Mountain Biking, Open Water Swimming, Road Running, Trail Running, Obstacle Racing, Skiing, Hiking
Post-Race DrinkLMNT; HUEL
Off-Day ActivityReading and recovery (mobility, soft-tissue mobility, percussion tools, electric stimulation, etc.)

I've been a competitive athlete my entire life, and started a new health and wellness company--Foghorn Fitness--during the pandemic. I played baseball on the club team at Duke, and I've competed in Shotokan Karate (returning during the pandemic after a 20-year hiatus), triathlons, cycling, open water swimming, and running events for the past 25 years or so. It turns out that I really enjoy suffering--the hours in the saddle, the pavement pounding, the endless crawling around chilly San Francisco Bay, the daily grind at the gym. In recent years, I morphed from a spin class junkie to a spin class instructor, and things sort of took off from there. I became a TRX and Schwinn-certified group exercise instructor, and began teaching 50+ classes a month at private clubs all over the Bay Area. Along the way, I cultivated a holistic approach to training (and living), with a particular emphasis on breath practice, mobility work, meditation, and clean eating (e.g., Whole30). Oh, and I've whipped up a killer series of Spotify playlists for my group exercise classes. :)

When the pandemic hit a couple years ago, I saw that my little community was struggling, and that people were losing their mojo to stay active. So I continued teaching a handful of Zoom classes through the private clubs. But I recognized that I could do more. So I started this little business--Foghorn Fitness--as a way of helping people to stay active and to live healthier lives during these extraordinarily challenging times.

I lead about thirty group fitness classes and personal training sessions each week (virtual and in-person), and dole out plenty of (mostly welcomed) advice about healthy habits along the way. Over the past couple years, I've trained a few hundred people across a thousand-plus fitness classes and personal training bouts, and I think I've helped folks manage their way through these crazy times.