blueseventy racing

Past Races

09/11/2021 WPAFB Sprint Triathlon 13th
08/08/2021 Cincinnati Triathlon and Multisport Festival
Race Recap
50th/OA, 4th/AG
07/18/2021 Columbus Triathlon
Race Recap
3rd/Age Group 70/OA
06/06/2021 FIT Family Series - Deer Creek
Race Recap
Really Bad
05/11/2021 Blue Streak Time Trial 55th
04/13/2021 Blue Streak Time Trial 58th

Nick Landis

Dayton, Ohio

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Mountain Biking, Snowboarding
Bucket List RaceEscape from Alcatraz
Post-Race DrinkGatorade (then beer)
Off-Day ActivityRelaxing or hiking

I enjoy all things outside, from cycling to hiking, running to camping. Anything to be outdoors. I've decided to get back into racing in 2021 and am looking forward to the adventure of it all!