blueseventy racing

Mary Singer

Vashon, Washington

Primary Discipline(s) Open Water Swimming
Off-Day ActivityYard work

I grew up on Vashon Island, WA and recently moved back after being away for 23 years. I joined the swim team when I was seven years old and swam through high school. When I moved back to the island, my husband and I rented a place on the water while we built our house. That's where I saw a crew of open water swimmers regularly swim in front of the house. They were having so much fun! They wore bright colors and had smiles on their faces, and they were chatting loudly and laughing. I absolutely yearned to join them. Then one day it happened! A friendly neighbor swimmer happened to stop to chat with my husband while he was walking the dog, and he returned to tell me that I had a swim date! So, I started open water swimming at the beginning of December 2019 and I've swum since. Covid allowed me to increase my swim frequency (no commute), and now I'm totally in love. I love the sport (again), love the freedom of it. I find it invigorating and challenging. I love the social nature combined with alone think-time. I hadn't swum for 26 years, and now I feel with great confidence that I've found my passion, my sport. And I want to get better, go further, and swim in new places.