Blueseventy Racing

Past Races

07/23/2022 Border Buster
06/11/2022 Whidbey Adventure Swim

Mary Singer

Vashon, Washington

Primary Discipline(s) Open Water Swimming
Bucket List Racea few channel swims... (not ready yet to commit...)
Post-Race DrinkSkratch Chocolate Recovery Drink
Off-Day ActivityWorking around the property... ducks, chickens, yard work, cutting wood, mowing...

I grew up swimming, but took a 26-year break before finding open water swimming in December 2019. I love the sport (again), love the freedom of it. I find it invigorating and challenging. I love the social nature combined with the solitude. I hadn't swum for 26 years, and now I feel with great confidence that I've found my passion, my people, my sport. And I want to get better, go further, and swim in new places.

I swim often in the chilly Puget Sound, mostly wetsuit-clad. I've swum Around Coronado, the Border Buster in Vermont, and I have two big swims on the books for next summer!