Blue70 Racing

Jessica Gerber

Boston, Massachusetts

Main FocusOpen Water Swimming
Bucket List Race20 Bridges Around Manhattan Swim
Post-Race DrinkWater, Gatorade
Off-Day Activitylifting, yoga, walking, pool swim

My name is Jess. I am 46 years old and grew up playing in the waves of the Jersey Shore. I don’t remember learning to swim. I do remember having breakfast, lunch and dinner at the beach during the Summer. I started on the beach club summer league swim team when I was 5. I can remember swim practice in the rain...didn’t care I was wet anyway! When I was eight my parents asked if I wanted to swim year round? I was like- “that’s a thing?!” I tried out and made the local Y team and the following year at age 9 joined Central Jersey Aquatic Club. That decision shaped my life. I competed in my first mile ocean swim at age 9. I made top 3 at NJ States often, made the Regional Zone Team, eventually made Junior Olympics, competed for my state title winning HS team and was a proud member of NJ State record holding 4 x 100 free relay. I went to prom with goggle marks! I swam on a full-ride at Northeastern University in Boston- big fish, little pond. I won New England’s and NACs...but, focused on life and becoming an engineer. After graduating college, I stayed in Boston (still live here!) and I swam here and there, but running was more convenient. I did a few half Ironman’s and sprint tri’s. Eventually, I transitioned to a career in acupuncture and research...I have two Masters and am pursuing my Doctorate. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and arthritis and needed to have my hip scoped. My running days were I learned to surf and started surfing year round in New England. (brrrr!) I started swimming again to up my paddle skills and signed up for a few open water swims in the 1- 3 mile range. But this year, I decided to train for the Alligator Lighthouse 8-mile swim. I wanted a “marathon” as I had run 4...and was craving the endurance training. The race was cut short by Humberto (only 4 miles!) but I still did well and finished top half female and top half overall with a time of 2:20. I found a local team the Crusty Barnacles that trains out of Hull, MA at Nantasket Beach every Sunday morning. Boston has a great open water community and I am so excited because I have found my people! Some of them swim year round and I just bought a BlueSeventy wetsuit so I can join them! I finish my Doctorate in April, so I am looking to train for a few 10k’s for the 2020 season and God willing maybe around Manhattan 2021?