Blue70 Racing

Past Races

11/22/2020 IRONMAN Arizona
09/20/2020 IRONMAN 70.3 Superfrog
06/13/2020 Alcatraz Swim

Joshua Hipps

Concord, California

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceIRONMAN World Championships
Post-Race DrinkLager
Off-Day ActivityNetflix and Coffee or Concerts

My name is Josh and I am a 2nd Lieutenant Logistics Officer in the United States Air Force stationed at Travis Air Force Base in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am a marathon runner and triathlete. I was diagnosed with HIV on December 7, 2018. I am passionate about many things. I am determined to to use athletics as a way to end stigma and fight for equality for those of us living with HIV. Anything is possible.