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11/01/2020 NYC Marathon

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06/06/2020 Lilac Run (virtual) 48:56
05/30/2020 VDOT Challenge 5K 1st in AG (65-69)
05/16/2020 VDOT Challenge 1st in AG (65-69)
04/26/2020 Spring Classic (virtual) 1st Masters (40+ years)
04/25/2020 OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon postponed
03/15/2020 Portland Shamrock Run
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01/19/2020 Rock n Roll Arizona
Race Recap
1st in AG (65-69)
12/29/2019 Resolution Relay
Race Recap
1st (2-person, female teams)

Diane Peterson

Corbett, Oregon

Main FocusRoad Running
Bucket List RaceSwimRun - either Orcas Island, Les Cheneaux, or Austin
Post-Race DrinkChocolate milk or Carnation Instant Breakfast (chocolate) made with half chocolate milk/half 1% milk
Off-Day ActivityWhat's an "off-day?"

I am a competitive runner (5K - half marathon), usually finishing at the top of my age group. I also love to swim and will participate in open water events and aquathons. I really hope to find a partner for a SwimRun or will probably do one solo soon.
I am not terribly interested in triathlons (I have done sprint ones years ago) since I would need to buy a bike and spend even more time away from home/family training on the bike. I also do not like to ride on the roads - for safety reasons.

My Why - Because I love it.

I had two brothers who ran cross country and track in high school and one continued through college. I was very envious! I did not get to participate in sports until college. Illinois did not have sports for girls when I was in grade school or high school (graduated 1971). So I was thrilled to attend a small college in Wisconsin that offered volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, and track & field. Gymnastics was the only sport I did not participate in. My junior year, a women’s swim team was started because the men wanted to attend a coed relay meet. I had been swimming since age 2, but never competitively but still practiced and swam in that meet. However, it was too much to do swimming, basketball and indoor track at the same time so I had to quit. My senior year, a freshman asked if there was a cross country team, so the track coach started one with just the two of us.

In grad school, I was able to train with the women’s cross country and track teams and compete in all-comers’ meets. I caught the road running bug after grad school – mostly 5Ks and 10Ks, but a couple of half marathons as well. Running was something I enjoyed doing and I was pretty good at racing (usually #1 in my age group or top 3). I continued to run about 5 days a week even after getting married and having a daughter, and continued to race whenever I felt like it. I swam and walked when pregnant since it took a few years to succeed with getting pregnant and I didn’t want to risk a miscarriage.

About 5 years ago, I finally discovered a local running and endurance team – runners and triathletes. I started participating in the weekly Saturday morning runs. The place and distance are announced on Wednesdays. 5 miles was the average and the place always had a breakfast/coffee spot nearby. Most importantly, all paces were invited and included – from walkers to younger, faster runners and everything in between. Some Saturdays have had as many as 30 participants! Starting with the group has given me more running partners and, since most are 20 – 25 years younger than me, helped me train faster. Investing in an online coach has also helped.

I ran a marathon in my early 40’s and met my goal of 4 hours (actually a couple minute faster) but did not discover the “mystique” in the distance and decided one was enough. About 9 ears ago, I was getting bored with 5Ks and 10Ks and decided to try another half marathon. My goal was 8:00 pace, but I was closer to 7:35 and decided maybe I was better suited to the half marathon. Oddly enough, I have never beaten that time (but I have been close). These days, I figure age is catching up with me so my goals are to hit age-group PRs. I did try another marathon last year – Revel Mt. Hood. I love downhill, so thought that would be an advantage. Despite some long runs (17 – 20 miles) on the course, I still hit the wall around mile 17 – my legs just gave out. I was (am) so disappointed to miss my 4-hour goal by almost an hour! I still think that 4 hours is possible and will try again sometime (I did register for NYC with a half marathon time, just not sure that race will be held this year).

One of the team’s leaders/founders started doing the Runner’s World streak a few years ago and each year challenges others to do the same. I started November 21, 2017, so am closing in on 900 days. Running a minimum of 1 mile a day can be challenging, but I actually averaged over 6 miles a day in 2019 (marathon training helped).

I guess you could say I am addicted! The day does not seem to start until I have completed a run. Even if it has to be 1 very slow mile on the treadmill because I’m injured, I will run. Even if we are driving across the country and the run has to be at 10:30 or 11:00pm, I’ll do that 1 mile (my dog likes it). Running has become much of who I am and has provided me with many new (and old) friends.

In the past few years, swimming has become similar, although not a daily thing. I used to teach a lap swim class, but after retiring, I became a student in the class and have done so for the past 10 years. I’ll swim three days a week except for school breaks and summers when I am away (then I’m in a lake). I’ve made good friends in the pool as well. Unfortunately, the pandemic has pools closed, so I have been restless not being able to swim. Hopefully, parks will open soon and I can put on my wetsuit and do some open water swims!