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09/18/2022 Odyssey SwimRun Orcas
08/14/2022 Coeur d'Alene Crossing
04/10/2022 2022 PNA Championship Meet 1
01/30/2022 Bellevue Club Masters Mile
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09/26/2021 Odyssey SwimRun Orcas
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09/19/2021 IRONMAN 70.3 Washington
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06/26/2021 Foster Lake Cable Swim
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06/06/2021 Give It A Shot! Yards Meet
05/16/2021 Tiger Mountain Trail Run
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10/31/2020 Halloween Swim @ American Lake
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Gail Stribling Geldien

, Washington

Main FocusMasters Swimming
Bucket List RaceFINA World Masters Championship
Post-Race DrinkWater

I am a chemical engineer for a large aerospace company in the Seattle area. I moved to the Pacific Northwest after college for work and love the outdoor focus of the region. I was born in Wyoming and attended college in Oregon. I started swimming in elementary school and progressed quickly onto the local club team. I left club swimming in middle school to allow time for basketball, and club soccer. In high school I returned to swimming and worked at local pools as a lifeguard in the summer. I worked as a lifeguard through college, but starting a family and a career took me away from the pool for about 5 years. Wanting to get in better shape and be a good role model for my kids I returned to swimming, and have been a member of the Bluewave Aquatics Masters Swim Team for the past 9 years. I am very proud to be a founding member of the Blue Seventy Racing Team. I have expanded my personal network from pool competition to Triathlon Relays, open water racing, and now SwimRun. I couldn’t be more excited for the 2022 racing season, and I am so happy to have a community that shares in my passion.

Why I Swim?

Why I swim has changed over the years. As a young person I swam as part of my local club because it was fun and challenging. I returned to swimming in HS to be part of a team and make new friends. I swam in college to pay the bills as a life guard and swim instructor. After years away I returned to swimming joining my local Master’s team to regain fitness, keep up with my children, and become a positive role model for them. I returned to competition to show myself that I could do it, and to have fun.

I think the part about swimming that has stayed the same is the way the water makes me feel. I feel fast and sleek and like I could swim forever. Water supports me and all my stress, then carries it away. It turns my anger and frustration into momentum and forward progress. Under the water I can focus on my inner voice, concentrate on movement, and held breath, and release. The water has always been a magical place for me, and I expect that my reasons to return will continue to change as life goes along. I hope to always have the ability to find new water to explore.