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Past Races

08/16/2020 Belgian Waffle Ride Arizona
07/12/2020 Triple Bypass-Double Triple
07/11/2020 Triple Bypass
06/20/2020 Denali Bottom Gravel Race
04/05/2020 Lavaman
02/15/2020 Susitna 100
01/18/2020 Iditasport
Race Recap

Kat Roch

Eagle River, Alaska

Main FocusRoad Cycling / Criterium
Bucket List RaceRAAM
Post-Race DrinkCoke

Learned to swim before I could walk and have been in the water in some form my whole life. Gravitated towards cycling and running, with swimming more as a cross training activity. Focused on ultra marathons for several years and then tried my first multi-sport event in 2018 and loved it-it combined the activities I truly enjoyed and I could do them all in the same race, and signed up for a 70.3 and full IM in 2019. Unfortunately suffered a major ankle injury early in 2019 and had surgery, which ended my 2019 season early. Swimming became an even bigger part of my life as I've been recovering and refocusing on new goals and 2020 races. Doctors don't know if I'll ever run another ultra but are confident I can complete triathlons up to 70.3 and maybe full IM distance eventually, once my ankle is fully healed.