Blueseventy Racing

Brian Levine

New York, New York

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Running
Bucket List RaceKona, any race in Australia or South Africa, Challenge Roth, SOS New York
Post-Race DrinkNot much of an alcohol drinker, but a beer after a long race is always a treat!
Off-Day ActivityLong walk or a hike with my dog, Lucy!

When I moved into New York City in 2014, I had just finished my first season racing triathlon and was still unearthing my passion for the sport. I was disappointed to find that the opportunities to join a multisport club in Manhattan were few and far between. Additionally, the teams that did exist were inordinately pricey and downright intimidating. For someone new to sport, triathlon presented itself as expensive, elitist, and flat out inaccessible. Nevertheless, I continued to race and train alone, fostering a love for all things swim, bike, and run.

In May of 2017, I was approached by Lululemon in New York City’s Upper West Side neighborhood and asked if I wanted to “do some work together.” There were very few guidelines, simply a request to build a community in the neighborhood. I immediately agreed and set my sights on creating my own triathlon club.

My vision that helped guide the club’s creation remains over a year later; to build an inclusive community that makes triathlon accessible for all skill levels and all financial situations. Since the creation of the club in June 2017, we have grown from a handful of friends to a group of over 70 strong. We have athletes from all different backgrounds, some of whom are training for their first sprint alongside others working to win their age group and qualify for Kona. As head coach and founder, my responsibilities include creating all personalized training programs from the sprint to full Iron distance, organizing and leading all group workouts every Saturday morning (long bikes, long runs, bricks, and swims), organizing transportation and lodging for all athletes to and from races, leading workshops such as how to change a flat tire and how to minimize transition time, and sending out all weekly email updates.

In 2019, I decided to take things even further and enroll in my USAT Level 1 coaching certification clinic. Gaining an even deeper understanding on how to better serve my athletes, I now offer private coaching to a select few athletes who are interested in learning more about the sport.