blueseventy racing

Chad McRae

Bishop, California

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceOttilo
Post-Race DrinkIce cream shake

I started participating in endurance sports during my enlistment in the military. The camaraderie of group runs was distinctly different but still fufilling as the peace of mind I receive through solo runs. After leaving the military I returned to New York and continued running cross country in undergraduate. As a graduate student in New York and then California I began training and racing in triathlons. My racing and training has become very social. Currently, I am an active member of four triathlon clubs, a few cycling groups, and an open water swimming group. For more than a decade I have been a member of the endurance sports community. I enjoy the comradery and have become an ambassador of the endurance sports. I would like to be a representative of the sport on behalf of Blue seventy.