Blueseventy Racing

Eric Patnode

Tampa, Florida

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon
Bucket List Race70.3 World Championships
Post-Race DrinkCoca Cola

I began participating in triathlons back in 2012. Having had the opportunity to spectate the St. Anthony's Triathlon earlier that year, I was immediately hooked and signed up for my very first triathlon (August 70.3). Not my brightest idea! I did not do that well and afterwards I decided to hire a coach and jump right up to the full distance the following year (IM Texas - 2013).

Over the following months, I became more focused on the sport and kept falling in love with it. I loved the training, the racing, the people I had the opportunity to meet and train with, and most of all how it made me feel as a person in my everyday life (work and personal).

3 years later in 2015, I qualified and raced in the 70.3 World Championships in Austria. All the hard work and dedication paid off and I was beyond excited and grateful for all the people who helped get me to this spot. Unfortunately, leading up to the race I suffered a lower leg injury that was diagnosed 18 months later as lower leg compartmental syndrome.

The injury made it nearly impossible to walk or stand for any long periods of time, never-mind about actually running. Once I was finally able to get the correct diagnosis and surgery (December 2016), I attempted to jump back into training (2017) but was having recurring symptoms from the injury and surgery. It took nearly an additional 2 years before I actually started feeling better. Over the time I gained a lot of weight, became depressed, and was probably drinking more than I should have been.

Luckily, this past year (2019) I was able to get some consistent training in by working with a new physical therapist and getting back together with my old triathlon coach. I am not back to the shape I once was, but I am making slow and steady process. I feel great once again, happy and excited to be able to train and race again!

I love what this sport has to offer and I want to share my excitement and joy with others.