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08/20/2022 JBPPH Half Marathon 1st AG
07/31/2022 Na Wahine Sprint Tri 1st AG
07/02/2022 Cholo's Waimea Bay Swim 54:32
06/18/2022 Haleiwa Sprint Tri 2nd in AG
05/01/2022 St. Anthony's Triathlon 15 in AG
04/10/2022 Hawaii Hapalua Half Marathon 7th in AG
04/03/2022 Lavaman 9th in AG
03/12/2022 Northshore Tri 1st in AG
03/06/2022 King's Runner 10k 7th in AG
12/12/2021 Start to Park 10K 1st AG
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Alexandra Michel


Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Masters Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Road Running, Duathlon, SUP, Skiing, Hiking, Yoga
Bucket List RaceITU Worlds
Post-Race DrinkOrange Juice
Off-Day Activitysomething outside

I short, I am a mother, a veteran, the spouse to an active duty soldier, a midwife, and also have a PhD in Nursing. We are currently living in Hawaii for another 9 months or so so we try to hard to make as many experiences as we can. We still have to go to Maui and I need to snorkle a tad bit more so I can catch up with some dolphins. I also still need to learn how to surf. I also volunteer for an organization called wear blue: run to remember. The purpose of this organization is to honor the service and sacrifice of the American military.

In my day to day life, I am outside as much as I can. I need to sunlight and fresh air
to recharge my batteries. But you won't find me just laying at the beach. That . When we go to the beach it is with a purpose - swimming, paddle boarding, or snorkeling. Sometimes we combine all of the above.

Sport wise - I am a triathlete. I started as a runner, but knew that I had to change something to prevent long term injuries. So I became a triathlete. With the impending move next summer I don't dare so sign up for anything in the future. I race the local circuit and enjoy the friendships I made here on island. And I try to support the two local RDs that work hard to put on these races. It is not easy. To this day, swimming is still my achilles' heel, but I will keep on working on it.