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Past Races

09/12/2020 Harvest Moon
08/01/2020 Boulder 70.3
07/11/2020 Fat Salmon 5K Swim, Lake Washington
07/11/2020 Fat Salmon 5K Swim, Lake Washington
06/27/2020 Loveland Lake to Lake
06/06/2020 Colorado Triathlon
01/05/2020 LifeTime Fitness Indoor Tri
Race Recap

Kathy Francis

Aurora, Colorado

Primary Discipline(s) Masters Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Aquabike
Bucket List RaceBridge to bridge 10k San Francisco
Post-Race DrinkHammer recoverlite

I am 63 years old. I swam in high school, then didn’t for over 30 years. I had a heart attack at 49 & had to change my life. I started swimming again. Lost 70 pounds & decided I should do a triathlon. I had never done open water swimming. I went to a clinic, and when I started swimming I nature I felt like I was home. I have worn a sleeveless blue seventy wet suit from day one.
I have swam Alcatraz, Chesapeake Bay 4.4 miles, Fat Salmon 3.4 miles, Wellington lake 5k, and Lake Tahoe 11 miles. And countless aquabike & triathlon events.
Since writing this bio 3 years ago, life has not been kind. First there was covid. The next year I suffered major health issues which took me out of the water and all training for several months. This year, I had to have my ankle rebuilt. I was non weight bearing for 10 weeks. My return to sanity was when I could finally swim again. I represent B70 all the time. I carry my backpack everywhere, and when I’m in the gym I wear my B70 tech shirt. Being a member of this community has helped me maintain my sanity and enabled me to cheer on my team mates. I enjoy reading all of the success stories.
I hope that 2023 will be the year I will be competing again.