Blue70 Racing

Past Races

05/01/2021 IRONMAN 70.3 North American Championship St. George
07/25/2020 Ironman Santa Rosa

Andrew Wade

Riverton, Utah

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Open Water Swimming, Hiking, Yoga, Other
Bucket List RaceIronman World Championship
Post-Race DrinkAnything not on the course to help wash down a juicy burger
Off-Day ActivitySpending time at or in the ocean

I was drawn into triathlon after working security for the 2012 IM St. George, and seeing the many different types of people all giving it their all, and the raw determination they showed. They announced 2013 would be a 70.3, and I figured "it's only half", let's give it a shot. I was a regular scuba diver, I loved the water, and was comfortable there. So I went out to start swim training. Swimming was my nemesis! As much as I love the open water, I could not swim 25yds without nearly dying! After I thought I was ready, I back stroked, side stroked, and doggie paddled almost the entire 1.2 miles. After that, I took swimming to heart, and now swimming is my favorite of the 3 sports. The group I started training with, is still some of my best friends. I have had so many great experiences and met so many great people all because of triathlon.

Now a veteran Ironman, I faced my biggest challenges. In September 2021, I started having some hip pain while running. In October, I did a hard hip opening workout, and finished destroying my hip. I went to a sports medicine physician, who said I need a total hip replacement. I kind of laughed it off, then asked for a referral for a second opinion. My second opinion started with an MRI and more x-rays. After sitting down with the surgeon, he went over every bit of my MRI and x-rays.
He then explained how arthroscopic surgery is no longer an option, and I would need a total hip replacement. The very next day, I had a heart attack.

Triathlon has been such an incredible part of my life, the friends I've made throughout the triathlon community have helped me fully recover from the heart attack and get back to the majority of my training. While I may longer race Ironman, I am still an active part of the community, and truly embraced swimming as a primary means for fitness and sanity.