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Upcoming Races

06/27/2020 Tahoe city swim
07/18/2020 Donner lake sprint
07/19/2020 Donner Lake swim
07/25/2020 IPA Trail race series
08/01/2020 santa cruz roughwater
08/09/2020 Marlette 10 miler
08/22/2020 Lake Tahoe Triathlon
08/23/2020 lake Tahoe swim
08/30/2020 Squaw Valley 8 miler
09/05/2020 Truckeedirtyfondo
09/12/2020 South End Rowing Club Alcatraz Invitational Swim
09/19/2020 gold rush growler

Past Races

05/17/2020 Ironman VR7
Race Recap
OA-13060 FOA-3333 AG-408
05/08/2020 Ironman VR6 virtual Race
Race Recap
320- AG 2723 OAF 11146 OA
04/19/2020 Ice Breaker Triathlon Moved to sept
04/12/2020 IronmanVR3
Race Recap
OA-5838 AG-609
04/10/2020 IronmanVR2
Race Recap
OA-3448 AG-332
03/27/2020 Final surge 5K
Race Recap
OA-866 AG-45 OAFem-474
01/11/2020 IPA Trail race series
Race Recap
37 OA 2 AG

cheryl sanford

placerville, California

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List Racesuper frog 1/2 ironman
Post-Race DrinkIPA or chocolate milk
Off-Day Activitybrewing beer, organic gardening, hanging out on our property

I've been doing triathlons and Ow swim races on and off since 1990. I actually got started when a woman at the gym i was going to asked me if I was a Triathlete. I replied no, just loved working out its the one thing I can actually concentrate on, lol back then you never heard of ADD. Well, I signed up for the gym Triathlon, came in 10th place and was hooked. In 1993 a company came out with a neoprene seat cover for triathlons. I got one and thought wow what a great cover padded and non slip. Then the company came out with wetsuits, heck yea i'll get one. Yep you guessed right! BLUESEVENTY.! I started wearing their product way back, my first wetsuit lasted 10 years, in fact i still have it and use it for cold winter days at the gym. Well,now i'm retired and just started back racing from a 2 year injury and had a great season!! I Love OW swimming, surfing, snowboard, triathlons,trail running, gravel and road cycling, I'm an organic farmer and home brewer. After all these years i still love training and racing.

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