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Past Races

03/26/2022 Puketirini Swim Series 2022 Race 3 1st
01/03/2022 Orokawa Ocean Swim 3rd
04/17/2021 Breca Bay Of Islands SwimRun 1st
01/18/2020 Puketirini Swim Series - Round 2 3rd
01/03/2020 Rings Beach to Matarangi Swim
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Christiaan Maarhuis

Hamilton, New Zealand

Primary Discipline(s) Off Road Triathlon, Off Road Triathlon, Mountain Biking, Mountain Biking, Road Running, Climbing, Climbing

My focus is on becoming a champion open water swimmer for my age group. I have always enjoyed swimming and in the last couple of years I have been doing as much as I can, also organising swim groups at beaches I frequently swim at.