Blueseventy Racing

David Dow

Stillwater, Minnesota | na

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Cycling / Criterium, Gravel Cycling, Masters Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Trail Running, Duathlon
Bucket List RaceIronman Roth
Post-Race DrinkCoke
Off-Day ActivityYard work

I am now a retired research chemist for 3M company, have a PhD in chemistry. I started as a swimmer, then competed in cycle racing have competed in 3 Olympic trials for cycling and 2 for Nordic skiing. In 1983 Steve Hed convinced me to start doing triathlons I have competed in 3-4 hundred tri's. In 2015 I injured an already horrendous back and have been working since to get my way back to race condition. I have coached high school swimming and Nordic skiing for 30 plus years one athlete was on the 2018 Olympic Nordic team. I currently coach USA swimming for Mako Aquatics an elite swim team in Minnesota. Covid threw everyone for a loop, I am no different while I was fairly unconcerned about the virus, I have a friend who heads up the virology lab for J&J in San Diego, he had stated numerous times it would burn itself out and/or mutate to something more benign. So, I kept training hoping to overcome my back issues, however, at 66 I tore my left hamstring 90% avoided surgery rehabilitated it got moving again and tore my right knee meniscus, (GOOD GRIEF). So, I still have not raced. On a brighter note my passion for racing has rubbed off on many of the swimmers I coach. 2 swam speedo Jr Nat's 9 swam speedo sectionals, 2 swimmers were recruited for Collegiate Tri Teams and 4 swimmers entered and completed their first Tri. l continue to coach in BLUE SEVENTY Apparel, much to the dismay of the head coach as we are a TYR sponsored team. I am rather old school in my approach to this and tend to lead by example.