blueseventy racing

Past Races

06/29/2020 NYOW 8 Bridges, Stage 4: The Highlands
05/30/2020 NYOW 2 Bridges Swim Under the Walkway
04/03/2020 Colonies Zone SCY Championships
03/15/2020 Delaware Valley Masters Championships
02/29/2020 Memphremagog Winter Swimming Festival
02/02/2020 Stephanie Walsh-Beilman Memorial SC Masters Meet 1st/2nd AG

Erica Flickinger

Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

Main FocusOpen Water Swimming
Bucket List RaceIn Search of Memphre and/or Lake Tahoe (both solo)
Post-Race DrinkMost definitely a beer (after some mashed potatoes)

Simply put, when I'm near water, I'm at my happiest!
When I was 7, I had a swimming lesson with "Sue" who helped me get over a fear of the water, and very soon after, I joined the summer swim team and never looked back.
After a short break following college, I returned the to pool in 2003 as a Masters Swimmer. Soon after, I jumped in to my first open water event: The Rainbow Channel Challenge. My wetsuit of choice was, of course, an "Ironman Wetsuit." I loved the suit, and I LOVED the swim.
Since then, I've been involved with masters swimming, triathlons, triathlon coaching, swim coaching, and in recent years, open water marathon swimming.
While my events and distances have varied over the year, the one constant since that first open water event has been my use of blueseventy suits and products.