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Samantha Schultz Achterberg

Colorado Springs , Colorado |

Main FocusOther
Bucket List RaceSteamboat half marathon
Post-Race DrinkNuun hydration
Off-Day ActivityYoga

My name is Samantha Achterberg, I recently got married so will begin competing under the last name Schultz for the 2020 season. I am 27 years old and compete in the sport of Modern Pentathlon which consists of fencing, swimming, equestrian, running, and shooting. I started the sport in 2010 with having a variety of sports I competed in growing up. Swimming was one of my first sports and I was on swim teams ever since I was 6, always loving the water! I also had a huge passion for running which led me to soccer and eventually cross country and track and field. I also loved horses and eventually got into horseback riding at age 8. Growing up in Colorado I hunted and did lots of skiing. All of these events were a perfect lead for me to go into pentathlon!
Long story short...I began the sport of pentathlon at age 18, a little late, which led to many injuries and a surgery in 2012. I came back stronger, but unfortunately fell short of qualifying for the 2016 Rio Olympics and went as an alternate. I joined the army in 2017 to compete as a part of the Word Class Athlete Program and for Team USA which has been a huge honor. I recently won my sixth US national championship title as well as a silver medal at the Pan American Games and earned and early selection spot for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics next year! I know I have a lot of work to do this next season to gain more mental and physical strength to perform at the top in Tokyo 2020 but I am excited for all the work and preparation to continue!