Blue70 Racing

Past Races

06/26/2022 Ironman 70.3 Lubbock
05/29/2022 Tri the 915 1AG/7overall
10/24/2021 70.3 Ironman Waco, TX
Race Recap
09/18/2021 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship
06/27/2021 Ironman 70.3 Lubbock
Race Recap
19 AG/256 Overall
05/23/2021 Buffman and Squeaky 1 AG/6 Overall
04/11/2021 IRONMAN 70.3 Texas 26 AG/ 354 Overall
09/27/2020 Catalina State Park 10.6 mile trail run
Race Recap
3 AG/25 Overall
02/15/2020 24 Hours of Old Pueblo 23 AG/249 Overall
01/25/2020 Oracle Rumble
Race Recap
33 Overall 6 AG

Todd Fiske

El Paso, Texas

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceIronman World Championships, Challenge Roth
Post-Race DrinkSomething Cold and Frosty

I'm not a kid anymore as my body reminds me everyday. I have been a firefighter for 20 years and still enjoy the work.
Over the years I have competed in many triathlons from a sprint to Ironman. My first triathlon was in Guam around 1989-90. I participated on a team as the cyclist but that soon changed as I figured out that I could do all the events.

All I have to say now is "LET'S DO THIS!"

Why I Tri

Why do I Tri. The simple answer is because I enjoy the sport and competition. When I go to break down why I enjoy doing what I do it is because for a little bit of time each day I get to forget about all the things that have added up over the years. Some of the things are little and some, not so little.

When exercising I am able to focus on my training and being in the moment. I don’t even take my phone with me very often so I can’t be contacted, and this is why I don’t take very many pictures. Sometimes I just what to hear the surrounding noises and take in sights. As I am writing this there are a thousand reasons why I like to exercise which all come down to basically one, which is to keep me from reliving some of the more unpleasant times in my life.

When I had my right knee operated on due to breaking off a chuck of cartilage then finding out my leg veins were not functioning correctly, I wasn’t able to exercise for about three years. During those three years my mind started to relive the past and I would wake up in the middle of the night in a war zone somewhere. So, basically exercise keeps me in today’s world.