blueseventy racing

Past Races

11/27/2020 Ultraman World Championships Kona
11/13/2020 Ultraman Arizona
05/31/2020 IRONMAN Tulsa

Fiona Siemelink

Houston, Texas

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceUltraman World Champs - improve my current AG world record time
Post-Race DrinkTru Wild and/or Vega Recovery
Off-Day ActivityReading, gardening, playing with our pups, chatting with hubby, seeing family and friends, walking..

Lifelong athlete/ultra distance lover; 26 IM's; 5 UIltraman's; Crew chief for Uberman; RAAM co-chief crew; open water swim lover; tri sports coach - certs in all x3; admin to Houston Tri Community and Houston Tri Marketplace (circa 7k members); wife - Mom - Nonna - sister - friend; love being a part of the tri world and representing ladies in their 50's, encouraging similar age to keep going, age is no boundary!! Cancer survivor and living life to the fullest!!