Blueseventy Racing

Past Races

10/31/2021 Seacoast Half Marathon 16/41 F50-59
09/19/2021 Wallis Sands Triathlon
Race Recap
1st F55-59
09/12/2021 Pumpkinman Running Festival
Race Recap
1st AG F50-59
09/11/2021 Pumpkinman Triathlon
Race Recap
4th AG F55-59
08/28/2021 Live Free & TRI
Race Recap
1st AG F55-59
07/11/2021 The Dam Tri
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3rd AG F55-59
06/12/2021 LandShark Swim
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3rd OA F, 6th OA Aquathloner
06/05/2021 King Pine Triathlon
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1st F55-59
05/28/2021 Rick's Run
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2nd AG F-50-59
08/29/2020 Live Free & TRI
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1st F55-59, 8th overall Female

Cammie Hunt

South Berwick, Maine

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Mountain Biking, Open Water Swimming, Road Running, Trail Running, Aquabike, Aquathon, Skiing, Yoga, Other
Bucket List RaceNubble Light Challenge
Post-Race DrinkNuun Recover
Off-Day ActivityBallet and Yoga

I'm a 57 year old married lady, and mom to an adult daughter with autism. I've been in the sport of triathlon since 2009, where I raced my first sprint. Since than I've covered every distance, including two Ironman finishes. I had dabbled in running since my mid 20s, but once I found TRI, I knew I was on to something. I didn't learn how to swim until I was nearly 40, and now I can't imagine my life without it.
All my life, I wanted to be involved in sports. However, as a young child I was not encouraged to do so. My family was super old-school; sports were for boys. Ironically, my brothers who were encouraged to be athletic really did not enjoy sports. Once I reached middle school age, I joined various leagues offered by our local Recreation Department, but still was not encouraged by family to improve on what (very) little ability I had. Looking back, it was discouraging, to say the least. Still, through high school and college, I plugged away at various team sports (soccer, hockey, squash, softball, tennis), working 2-3 times as hard as others, just to be mediocre. This did not do much for building my self-esteem.
Fast forward 25 years, I registered for my first TRI; The Pumpkinman Sprint. Mind you, I was only a runner in the academic sense, I did not own a bicycle, and I could barely swim (and when I say “swim” I mean “not drown”). Still, this would be something different. No one in my family, nor most of my friends had ever done anything like it. I was terrified and excited all at once. Race day came and went in a blur, but that sense of accomplishment is still palpable after all this time. I have gone on to race all distances, including two Ironman finishes. I have caught the attention of family, friends, and complete strangers who follow my training, racing, and encouraging of others on social media. My Mom told me last season that my Dad actually prints out my race photos and shows them to people at church. “He’s SO proud of you!” I think I have finally found my “home”.
UPDATE: My Mother has since passed away. Looking back, I think of how her eyes would light up whenever I would talk about swimming, biking, and running. She was of a different time and upbringing. I think she would've enjoyed being a part of this sport.
This year, I pushed myself for a big challenge: 200 miles of swimming over the course of 2022. As of this writing, I am just under 158 miles!