Blue70 Racing

Past Races

08/23/2020 Ironman Mont Tremblant

Garrett Sherman

New York, New York

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon
Bucket List RaceKona Ironman World Championships
Post-Race DrinkChocolate Milk
Off-Day ActivitySkiing

After dedicating my entire athletic career to football and baseball, I came to the tough conclusion about three years ago that it was time to hang up my cleats as I set my sights on attending New York University (a school without football and no club baseball team). Without football and baseball in my life, I yearned for the competitive aspect of sports that I had valued so highly growing up but struggled to figure out what I could do on my own. That is what led me to dust of a vintage, celeste green Bianchi road bike that had been given to my family after the death of a close family friend and take it for a quick spin around the neighborhood. Within a week, I signed myself up for my first ever 100-mile bike ride, which, in turn, led me to a world that I (a big, bulky offensive lineman and first baseman) never imagined I’d be a part of: the world of endurance sports. After each event I completed, I wanted more: a few century rides led to a triathlon; a few triathlons led to a Half Ironman, which led to my first Ironman in Mont Tremblant in 2018. Once I completed Mont Tremblant, I realized I didn’t want to just finish, I wanted to compete. Fast-forward to today, after working on a shoestring (college) budget to find and work with a triathlon coach who helped me hone both my training and my knowledge of the sport, I competed in August in my second Ironman at Mont Tremblant, shaving 2 ½ hours off my 2018 Mont Tremblant finish (13:12 to 10:45) and grabbing a Top-5 finish in my age group (and 198th/2360 finishers overall).